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Associated document centers

In order to diversify its resources or to offer more specialized documentation, the Henri-de-Lubac Library collaborates with associated documentation centers, attached to:

IPG (Pierre Gardette Institute)

The Pierre Gardette Institute (IPG) is a research and promotion center for the languages and cultures of the Rhône-Alpes region, specializing in the study of Franco-Provençal or Occitan languages and the geographical variation of French.

The Institute provides researchers, students and the general public with a rich library specializing in Romance linguistics: journals and general works on linguistics as well as dictionaries, atlases, monographs, etc. and old or recent recordings.

Possibility of consultation and reading on the spot. To be discovered in the library catalogue.

The works of the Institut Pierre Gardette are available for interlibrary loan (ILL). Most of the Institute's works are referenced in the SUDOC.


Opening hours:

   Monday: 1pm - 6pm

   Tuesday: 9am-12pm; 2pm-6pm

   Wednesday: 9am-12pm; 2-6pm

   Thursday: 9am-12pm; 2pm-6pm


It is preferable to make an appointment:

Tel. 04 72 32 50 54
Email: ipg@univ-catholyon.fr


CCEJ (Christian Centre for the Study of Judaism)

The CCEJ library holds approximately 3200 books (60 linear meters). It is composed of:

- the Judaism collection of the Ucly library,

- donations from Father Jean Dessellier in 1991 when the CCEJ was created.


It has been completed by other contributions (not included in the 3200)

- The Judaism collection of the library of the Centre Saint-Irénée

- Individuals (Brigitte Martin-Chave)


The books are mainly related to Judaism in the following areas

- Bibles in various languages and translations

- Linguistics: dictionaries, grammar, study of the language and its history

- Books on the history of Judaism

- Jewish thought: Talmud, midrash, Jewish mysticism, medieval and modern commentaries. Contemporary commentaries.

- Jewish philosophy

- Jewish liturgy: siddur, commentaries

- Relations between Judaism and Christianity

A substantial part of the books is in Hebrew: about 600 titles.

The rest of the books, a collection of 2,600 books, are mainly in French but also in English and German.

Practical information: For the academic year 2021-2022, the hours of consultation on site are defined according to the availability of volunteers. In principle, the library is open on Mondays from 2.30 to 4.30 pm. But it is also possible to contact the reception of the BU on the Carnot campus. The CCEJ's books can be consulted on the spot, but loans can be granted by dispensation.

It is also possible to contact the CCEJ for any further information:



CIE (Interdisciplinary Ethics Center)

The original documentary collection dedicated to ethical reflection has been built up since the foundation of the CIE, more than thirty years ago. It contains more than 1500 titles including books, journals, magazines, DVDs, theses and master's theses in the following areas

Affective and sexual ethics, Alternative and complementary medicine, Anthropology of the body and health, Bioethics, Environmental and ecological ethics, Ethics of science and technology, Family ethics, Fundamental ethics, Health care ethics, Medical ethics, Research ethics, Science and religion dialogue, Social ethics, social doctrine of the Church, Theology of ecology

The documentation center room is open to students and Ucly staff with the possibility of borrowing under B.U. conditions.

The working room is accessible during the opening hours of the secretariat (updated at the beginning of the September term).

Most of the books and journals are in French, but a good number of volumes in English are also available and have been increasing over the last ten years.

Internally, it is possible to reserve the room for research seminars or meetings.

Enquiries should be made to the following address: cie@univ-catholyon.fr, 04 72 32 50, http://www.cie-lyon.fr