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HAL Research Unit

Sciences & Humanities Confluence Research Center (EA 1598), founded on January 7th 2020, makes scientific research a priority of the UCLy. The Sciences & Humanities Confluence Research Center was established to bring together different disciplinary fields, which, on the one hand, have their own specific features and, on the other hand, allow cross-approaches with regard to anthropological, scientific and social issues:

  • An approach to cultures, based on a scientific analysis of their different manifestations and interactions.
  • An approach to individual, social and environmental behavior from the perspective of the humanities and legal sciences, taking into consideration the question of the meaning they express and convey.
  • A "living" approach based on the study of the impact of environmental factors on biodiversity and health, and on crosscutting disciplines such as epistemology and ethics.
  • An approach to religious phenomena, not only from the perspective of critical observation – historical and sociological – and from the study of a specific corpus but also through a methodical study of the reasoned discourse that believing communities themselves hold concerning their faith, which constitutes "theology" proper.
  • An approach to how companies integrate social, environmental and ethical concerns into their operations and governance (CSR), and innovation management.


It has set up 8 research teams


  • Research cluster 1: Theology, philosophy and religious sciences
  • Research cluster 2: The Bible, ancient literature and culture
  • Research cluster 3: Culture(s), language, imagination
  • Research cluster 4: Education, people, support
  • Research cluster 5: Integral human development, ecology, and ethics
  • Research cluster 6: Legal, political and social sciences
  • Research cluster 7: Biosciences, technologies, ethics
  • Research cluster 8: Sustainable business and organizations


As part of the valorization of its work, the Sciences & Humanities Confluence Research Center (EA 1598) is currently developing its collection on the national platform of open archives HAL.

In the meantime, you can find information and news about the Research center, including its publications, on the UCLy website: https://www.ucly.fr/la-recherche/