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The University Library offers journals and newspapers on the following themes related to teaching and research activities:

Arts, Business, Local development, Law, Canon law, Human rights, Economics, Social and solidarity economy, French as a foreign language (FLE), Business management, History, Languages, French and foreign literature, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Psychology, Research and generalities, Intercultural relations, International relations, Sciences, Family sciences, Political sciences, Religious sciences, Social sciences, International solidarity, Translation Sciences.

Journals and newspapers kept in the warehouse are available on request. They cover the following areas:


  • Armenology
  • Asceticism,
  • Canon law,
  • Christian archaeology,
  • Christianity,
  • Conciliar History,
  • Ecclesiastical Sciences,
  • Exegesis,
  • Foreign religious studies,
  • French religious studies,
  • Hagiography, Liturgical sciences,
  • Marian studies or Mariology,
  • Missiology,
  • Oriental studies,
  • Other religions,
  • Pastoral care,
  • Religious Orders,
  • Spirituality

Humanities and literary sciences:

  • Aesthetics,
  • Archival sciences,
  • Library and Information Sciences,
  • Bibliophilology,
  • Byzantine Studies,
  • Ethic,
  • Greek Studies,
  • Latin Studies,
  • Linguistics,
  • Literature,
  • Philology,
  • Poetry,
  • Theatre History


  • Anthropology,
  • Art,
  • Education,
  • History,
  • Law,
  • Local history,
  • Psychology,
  • Social sciences,
  • Sociology