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If you are registered in our establishment and you are at least in Master 1 degree, you can make an ILL request to obtain photocopies or to consult a work that is not in our library, nor in other establishments in Lyon.

This service is subject to a charge, and payment is made only by cheque to the order of the AFPICL.

If the document you want to read is held only in an institution outside the European Union, please note that we will only be able to send you digitised pages (that is to say a maximum of 10% of a book and 30% of a periodical for copyright reasons).

Concerning periodicals : for reasons beyond our control, from 1st June 2023, it will be impossible for us to receive printed issues from Belgium, only the reception of articles in digital format will be possible (that is to say a maximum of 30% of a periodical for copyright reasons).



STUDENTS (service reserved for masters and higher levels of study)
  • PUBLICATIONS: 10 € per request
  • PHOTOCOPIES: 6€ for the first 25 pages/4€ per additional page


  • PUBLICATIONS: Invoiced to the institute
  • PHOTOCOPIES: Invoiced to the institute


However, there is a reciprocal agreement between the member universities of the UDESCA (Union of Catholic Higher Education Institutions).

You can submit your request to the loan bank of the Henri de Lubac Library on the St Paul or Carnot campus or send it to the following e-mail address : peb@univ-catholyon.fr


Download the ILL request form (access reserved to the readers of the university library)


Any member of Lyon Catholic University who makes an ILL request must wait at least 8 days (after the date on which they submit their request to our ILL department) before being able to consult the document they wish to read.


If you are not registered at our university, please contact the ILL service of your institution.



We lend documents, provided they are in good condition, with the exception of:

  • works dating from before 1910,
  • rare copies
  • damaged documents.


Documents are loaned for three weeks from the date of receipt and can be consulted on site only.


We supply printed documents only for French and European libraries.

Due to recurrent customs problems, if an institution located outside the European Union requests our services for ILL, we can now only send it scanned pages.


Requests for the supply of documents should be made via SUPEB or by e-mail : peb@univ-catholyon.fr



SUPEB network; non SUPEB network
  • PUBLICATIONS: 12 € per request or 1,5 IFLA voucher
  • PHOTOCOPIES: 8 € or 1 IFLA voucher for the first 25 pages/4 € or 1/2 IFLA voucher per additional page


Members of UDESCA (Union of Catholic Higher Education Institutions)